Vicki Terrill

Certified Career Consultant

Certified Professional Life Coach



Don't settle for a "good job." Everyone else does that.

Take a leap of faith.  Discover your dream job.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

You can come face to face with this question at many different stages in life. Looking into the future with no clear direction can feel overwhelming. Even frightening. Don't choose a career out of desperation. Choose a career that speaks to your heart.


It's out there waiting for you.

How to design a career that will allow you to thrive instead of strive

  1. Discover your unique strengths and passions

  2. Define your ideal work environments

  3. Develop your knowledge and skill sets

  4. Determine careers that utilize the best of you

  5. Design a plan to pursue your dream career 

You CAN choose a career with clarity and confidence


  • Uncertain of their own strengths

  • Having second thoughts about majors

  • Pressured to pick a college and/or major

  • Stressed about launching after college 

For high school or college students who are:


  • Frustrated and exhausted from work

  • Feeling betrayed by forced retirement

  • Excited about re-entering the workforce

  • Wanting to use all of your abilities

For those who are:

Don't waste your talents

Determining a good career fit doesn't just take into account your unique personality and talents. The number of careers that are still possible are endless. Instead, it's about answering the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What's my purpose? and How can I make a difference? Until you figure out the answers to those questions, you run the real risk of taking a job that leaves you frustrated, burned out, or simply bored. God wants you to know the answers.  

Are you ready to figure it out?

Ready to get started?