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with clarity and confidence.

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The way we work has changed dramatically.

As parents, we want to provide our young adults with every advantage possible. But technology has changed the economic landscape into something totally unfamiliar. High schools can't provide the guidance needed to adapt to new career paths.  

That's where CareerGPS can help.


Help them be prepared BEFORE graduation

Save time.

The average student takes 6.2 years to complete their college degree.

Save money.

Switching majors can cost $10,000 - $35,000 per added semester.

Save frustration.

Only 35% of college grads have a plan or next step figured out after college.

Hey there! I'm Vicki.

I'm a former high school teacher and youth minister who is passionate about equipping and inspiring high school and college students to dream big, discover their unique strengths, and determine their first steps on their career path so they can fulfill their destiny and make an impact on the world.

How is CareerGPS different than other programs?

I don't just focus on possible careers. 
I care about the whole student.

God created them on purpose for a purpose. They COULD do so many things, but why settle for just any job. 


They have been specifically equipped to make an impact at each stage of life as they discern God's plan along the way.


Together, let's help them embrace a bigger purpose full of adventure and passion.

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This free career personality quiz will not only help determine your student's Holland's Personality Code, but will also provide career suggestions related to their code.

Career Personality Quiz

Vicki Terrill, CPLC

Certified Career Consultant

Certified Unhackable Coach