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Become Unhackable

A 30-day Online Program for Those Who Won't Settle for "Ordinary"

Become Unhackable

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Part 1


Days 1-5


  • Identify the story you've been telling yourself about why you haven't been able to live your dream. It's time to stop blaming your circumstances or other people and speak positive truth about your future.

  • Become the hero in your own journey as you courageously take the first steps out of the familiar and into the place where you have to take action (and maybe where you just might fail of God doesn't show up.)

  • Stop focusing on what's been holding you back and instead focus on what you CAN do.

  • Decide that the fear you face is not as important as the impact you will make if you follow through.

Part 2

Flawless Idea Anatomy

Days 6-12


  • Clarify the "why" behind your big dream and set a goal to reach it.

  • Identify the small steps you've already taken to achieve your dream, and the next small step you need to take.

  • Understand that the key to success is actually enthusiasm, and begin to prove the nay-sayers wrong!

  • Visualize your dream as completed before you begin to ask the "how" questions."

Part 3

Deliberate Magnetic Focus

Days 13-19

  • Understand the importance of setting deadlines.

  • Learn how your brain's RAS filter works to enable you to see possibilities - or to hack you if you let it.

  • Identify ways to increase your energy naturally, without caffeine or other stimulants.

  • Decide which opportunities or activities are not helping you move forward towards your dream - and deal with them.

  • Become a creator and eliminate energy drainers that keep you too busy to actually "create" the life you want.

Part 4

Optimal Human Performance

Days 20-26

  • Understand the neurobiology of flow and how to achieve it.

  • Learn how to silence your inner critic in order to enter a flow state.

  • Discover the four stages of flow and your unique ways to enter a flow state using consistent triggers.

  • Experience a state of flow and make tremendous progress toward your dream in a short time period.

Part 5

Celebrate Your Boon

Days 27-30

  • Restate your deepest desire and commit to pursuing it by claiming the goal and the promise of success.

  • Let people know about it with courage and conviction.

Become Unhackable

Enroll Today

Family Portrait

Our lives are busy.

This 30-day experience was designed with that in mind.


You choose when you complete the daily missions. I know how things "come up" and require your attention. As long as you remain constant as you work through the book, you WILL see results. 


Pay the full cost up front for a significant savings or pay monthly, whichever fits your budget. Or add some individual coaching if you really want to make some big steps towards achieving your dream.


I am fully confident that the Unhackable process will change your life if you are committed to implementing the strategies. However, if you aren't satisfied with the content, you may request a refund before you begin Day 6.

You need a trained coach who cares about your success.

Hey there! I'm Vicki Terrill.

My goal is to help you get clear on your main passion in life, determine what's really keeping you from achieving it, and experience the difference that staying "in flow" will make as you develop your Superhuman power of focus.

Vicki Terrill Unhackable Coach
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