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CareerGPS Experience

Within 5 sessions, students can confidently determine the next steps on their career path without wasting money, time, and emotional energy on college majors that don't fit the direction they want to go.

A high school or college student with great potential who wants to find a career they love that enables them to make an impact in the world while providing a good income. 

Whether they are...

A high school student

     who is struggling to decide which major to pursue...​


     who is wondering if college is the right next step

A college student

     who has chosen the wrong major after all...​


     who can't figure out an actual career after graduation

....You are in the right place. 


CareerGPS will give your student clarity on college majors and/or training, confidence as they discover their unique strengths, and courage to make their own decisions about the future.​

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By the end of this program,

your student will have:

Received one-on-one career coaching designed around their unique needs


Discovered their unique strengths, abilities, and personality (instead of wondering if they are"enough") 


Defined work environments that allow them to be their best self


Identified how previous experiences have developed their strengths and prepared them for the future


Researched possible career paths to determine education and training needed


Chosen a career path that ignites their passion (instead of picking one that looks good on TV or that their friends have suggested)​

Determined the next steps they need to take to make their vision a reality

Saved themselves the cost of changing majors and direction, both emotionally and financially 

Hey mama.

From the time they are born, we watch our children with wide-eyed fascination, excited to figure out who they will become. We begin to identify how they were actually designed and the passions that drive their behavior. 

And then they become teenagers and begin to question their own unique abilities and why they are here on planet earth. And we begin to feel so inadequate to help them navigate towards the future, right?


Take a deep breath. As a career coach with specific training in identifying strengths in young adults, I've helped many parents walk with their students through the strengths/career exploration process.


You can equip them recognize what they do well and how they can contribute to the world around them.


And I will be right there to help.

The CareerGPS Process

This is where my years of experience with students pays off.  I know why some students struggle to maintain their grades and motivation when they hit their first few years in college. They haven't developed a dream about their future - what they want their life to look like and who they want to become. Without a dream to reach for, they become uninspired and unmotivated to work hard.

Instead of focusing on the "requirements" for graduation, I start with the end in mind. What are their big dreams, the ones that capture their heart?  Let's get a general idea of where we want to go so that everything else we do lines up with that destination.

Of course, as we achieve the following Milestones, the destination may shift a little. But normally the big dreams have been placed there for a reason. We just have to do a little treasure hunting to uncover them.

 Milestone #1

Dream Big

Where do you want to go in life?​

Define a dream career and life that would include:

  • Passions that motivate

  • Bucket list items to achieve

  • Areas of interest that keep them focused and motivated



Discover the dreams that engage their heart so they can explore in self-directed activities with a focus. Instead of looking at every job and career path that exists, they begin with a smaller area to explore which keeps them from becoming overwhelmed with possibilities.

Identify what's on their "bucket list."  Great correlations exist between things they would love to do or have with where they want to land. One day, when they are 85 years old, they should be able to look back over what they've experienced and who they've become with satisfaction.

Explore areas of interest that currently exist. Many students aren't aware that jobs exist in areas they consider to be fun activities. If next steps include something they are interested in learning, their ability to stay focused and make good grades increases exponentially.

Milestone #2

Discover Your Design

Who were you created and equipped to be?

Identify their unique characteristics and strengths, such as:

  • Natural-born abilities (what you do easily & well)

  • Personality traits

  • Academic abilities and learning styles

  • Life experiences that have developed strengths & values



Determine their unique natural abilities, the single greatest indicator of career success.  If a student pursues a career that is not utilizing natural strengths and abilities, they will struggle to succeed. The Highlands Ability Battery assessment is designed to scientifically determine how they reason, react, and interact with internal and external stimuli. I haven't found a student yet who hasn't agreed wholeheartedly that the results were spot-on.

Explore behavior patterns and motivators using the DISC assessment so that they know work environments that will allow them to flourish and experience success.


Develop a timeline of activities, influences, and life-changing moments which will give us clues as to the direction they want to go. Using instances of both successes and struggles, we will identify the factors that will facilitate success and how to overcome obstacles.

Milestone #3

Determine Your Direction

What is your next step on your career path?

Decide on next steps towards a career, including:

  • Core values that are non-negotiable

  • Narrowing down career options

  • Education/training requirements

  • Career outlooks regarding job openings and pay



Review the remaining career possibilities and narrow the options down to three choices which will eliminate the sense of overwhelm and decision fatigue. Then they will be able to research just a few careers in-depth to determine interest levels and income possibilities.

Determine the education and/or training that will be required to excel in their field. With the changes in the global workforce, many students can achieve high levels of success and income through alternative experiences such as internships, vocational training, and entrepreneurship. It all depends on the careers themselves.

Determine the non-negotiable values that will be a factor in their career choice and how they will motivate them to push forward in spite of hardships and challenges.

Milestone #4

Develop your Guide Map

How will you focus on your objective?

Record in the Guide Map template the following:

  • Personality and ability strengths that must be utilized in an occupation and/or learning environment

  • Other information that will provide career guidance in the years to come

  • One career field to research intensely using informational or actual interview procedures​

  • Extracurricular/volunteer activities that develop strengths 



Review the results of all assessments, identifying the aspects of a career that will determine whether an occupation is a good fit or not.​  This roadmap will remain valid for their entire life since natural abilities and personality do not change significantly over a lifetime, so students can make future career decisions with courage and confidence.

Choose one career to fully research, realizing that if the career eventually becomes one that doesn't fit the student, they can choose to focus on one of the other careers.

Determine extracurricular or volunteer activities that can be an asset on an application or resume for that particular career.  Choosing activities strategically can develop core competencies in the field and a network of adults ready and willing to invest in your student's future.

The CareerGPS Advantage

When your student completes the CareerGPS process, they will have in hand a Guide Map they can begin using immediately to determine their next steps. Maybe the next step is college - they can confidently choose a major. Perhaps it's getting training in a specific industry through a vocational school or internship.  Or they may be ready to try being an entrepreneur. It all depends on how they are wired and what they love.  With the CareerGPS Guide Map in hand, they will know which strengths to use to determine next steps and overcome obstacles in their path.

The Guide Map will also be valid throughout their life since abilities and personality and values stay relatively stable throughout a lifetime.  "If" they  experience change in the job market is not the question. The question is "when." And with clarity on who they are, how they are designed, and what they truly love to do, they will be able to pivot with any changes in interest or circumstances that they may face.


This free assessment will not only help determine your student's interests and preferred work environment, but will also provide career suggestions.

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