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Helping Managers Increase Employee
Engagement and Retention




Online Workshop

Stop Losing Employees

The rules of "engagement" seem to keep changing in the post-Covid world. How do you keep employees connected to the business and each other, especially if you are considering going to a hybrid work environment?  Understanding how to easily increase engagement will free you up to focus on moving your business forward.


According to Gallup, engagement occurs when employees are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.

Engage! workshops enable managers to confidently:

  • Motivate individual employees

  • Communicate with each employee

  • Give feedback that increases productivity

  • Identify individual strengths of each team member 

Engage! workshops equip employees to discover:

  • What motivates them

  • Their preferred methods of communication

  • How they can be more productive

  • How they can expect to receive feedback and recognition

What's Included in the Engage! Workshop Package

Help them live their
best possible life

"By helping people find engagement in their work, and helping them succeed in whatever they're doing, a manager can have a profound impact on the emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual health of workers and their families. They can also create an environment where employees do the same for their peers, giving them a sort of ministry of their own. All of which is nothing short of a gift from God.

Patrick Lencioni

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