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What is the difference between counseling, mentoring, discipling and coaching?
  • Counseling deals with the past and issues/emotions that need to be fixed - coaching deals with the future and possibilities.

  • Mentoring is giving advice from a position of authority based on experience - coaching assumes the client is the expert on themselves and best able to determine how to reach their dreams.

  • Discipleship centers on biblical truth and disciplines in a teacher-student relationship - coaching helps people get unstuck, deal with the present, and develop vision for the future.

What happens in a Life Coaching session?

Before each session, you will email me the topic you would like to cover during the session. At the beginning of each session, you will decide what you would like to accomplish concerning the topic. I will spend the majority of the time with you listening and asking questions, and at the end of our conversation, I will help you set goals for the upcoming week and determine ways to hold you accountable for the actions you choose.

What should my student expect from a coaching session?

The student will have a 30-minute introductory session via Skype or in person. Depending on the needs of the student, various assessments may be assigned to be completed individually, one of which will be the Highlands Ability Battery assessment. After the assessments have been completed, I will meet with the student and parents to discuss the results. The student will then make an appointment to meet privately with me to discuss further plans and to determine goals.

What form of payments does VickiTerrillCoaching take?

When you sign up for sessions, I will send you an invoice via email. You may pay the invoice electronically or you may pay by check at our first session.

How are life coaching fees determined?

Life coaching fees are paid by the month and include three 45-minute sessions.

How does VickiTerrillCoaching measure a client’s success?

Coaching sessions are successful when the client is able to step forward with confidence in the area where they were struggling.  For example, if life balance was an issue, success is achieved when the client is living a life that exemplifies their values, priorities are set and actually lived out, and they are enjoying life.

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