It's Time to Determine Your Destiny

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What is the CareerGPS Process?

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Where do you want to go in life?

Define a dream career and life that would include:

  • Passions that motivate

  • Skills that have been developed

  • Opportunities to work in areas of interest

  • Optimal work/study environments



Who were you created to be?

Identify your unique characteristics, such as:

  • Natural-born abilities (what you do easily & well)

  • Personality traits

  • Academic abilities and learning styles

  • Strengths developed through life experiences



What is your next step on your career path?

Decide on next steps towards a career, including:

  • Career options

  • Education/training requirements

  • Core work values that are non-negotiable

  • Career outlooks regarding job openings and pay



How can you stay focused on your objective? 

Develop your unique CareerGPS Guide Map, including:

  • Strengths and abilities that must be utilized for satisfaction

  • Goals to determine necessary steps for employment

  • Extracurricular/volunteer activities

  • Informational/real interview guidelines

  • Unhackability tricks for extreme focus

State your current BIG DREAM and go all in! 

Eliminate the guesswork and frustration

You don't have to guess at a college major or career path.  As a Certified Professional Life Coach and Career Consultant (and a parent of a college student), I understand how frustrating it can be to make these big decisions. It's scary and overwhelming. And you don't want to make a bad decision.


I promise you that you can do this. It's easier than you think.  Together, you and I will explore how God designed you. What makes your eyes light up. And what you can do better than most people.  In other words, we are going to explore your destiny. 

Just imagine what it will feel like to confidently make decisions concerning your future education or training and career path!

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