The Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands approach to career success begins with the Highlands Ability Battery, an online assessment using 19 individual work samples that scientifically measure your natural, innate abilities including how you think through projects and situations, which work settings you prefer, and what you need to do to stay energized on the job. In other words, what your job needs to have in order for you to be who you were created to be and work at your highest capacity easily.

Unlike most other assessments, the HAB does not ask whether you would "prefer" one situation or task over another. Instead, game-like work samples determine how quickly and easily you can think through the problems without relying on other learned skills to solve them. 

Additional components of the

Whole Person approach:


Your skills and life experience  

What you've learned in life and career experiences.


Your interests and fascinations  

What draws your attention, what pulls you.


Your interpersonal style  

The environment that helps you work more productively, expend less energy, and experience less stress.

Your values  

The things that give you a sense of purpose.  

Your goals  

What you want to accomplish in life.  

Your family of origin  

The concepts and values you've "inherited" from family.  

Your stage of adult development  

Where you are in your life/career cycle.  

Vicki Terrill

Certified Career Consultant

Certified Professional Life Coach