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Maximum Impact Mastermind

Women Changing the World Together


Welcome, Sister

I see you, my friend.  Desperately wanting to be the woman God created you to be, yet sensing that somehow, somewhere you are missing the mark.

You know deep down you were created to be more and do more. To make a lasting impact in your family, community, and world. But where do you even begin?

I know it's overwhelming trying to do your best in every area of life.

The solution to being successful in life isn't simply working harder. It's being intentional about identifying and fulfilling your calling, deepening your faith in God, and addressing the negative chatter in your head that is keeping you from moving forward.


We weren't designed to do it alone.

Come join us as we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other Christian women who will consistently challenge you to become the woman, wife, mother, friend, boss, or coworker you were designed to be.  

You don't have to continue feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Join us in a sisterhood of intentional focus, encouragement, accountability, and vulnerability as we utilize a systematic format to achieve not only success but significance.

Need more info?

Ready to join?



  • Christ-followers who want to be "all in"

  • Stay-at-home moms, professionals, entrepreneurs, single women, wives

  • Leaders, givers, servants

  • Mission-driven, relationship-focused

  • Intentional, honest, caring,  authentic 

  • Women who want to be clear about where they are going and why

  • Must be willing to serve others in the group, not simply be there for self

  • Committed to display:

    • Courage to ask for help​

    • Humility to accept it

    • Discipline to act on it



  • Group of 12 women max

  • Focus on personal, professional, and spiritual development

  • Confidentiality is required

Structured weekly 1-hour meeting

  • Wins of the Week (share highlights or achievements from prior week)

  • Words to Remember (brief discussion of assigned reading)

  • Woman in the Middle (share struggle or vision for group input)

  • Work to be done (commit to goals for the upcoming week in writing)



  • Weekly 1-hour calls via ZOOM

  • Expert facilitation which means we stay on topic and everyone has a chance to contribute

  • Private FB group discussions

  • Accountability partners

  • Live retreats (cost is included in your monthly fee) 

  • Monthly book/discussions

  • Periodic speakers/training

  • Monthly topics covering purpose, productivity, health, relationships, strengths, boundaries, etc.

  • Built-in "Board of Advisors" 


So why a mastermind?

Have you considered joining a mastermind before but weren't sure how it would benefit you?

Or are you absolutely clueless about what a mastermind is?

Check out the video and see if anything resonates with you. 

If it does, come join us!

The Maximum iMpact Mastermind program includes two all-inclusive retreats in the fall and spring to deepen our relationships with each other and God.

Time away from responsibilities and expectations is necessary to maintain a well-balanced life. It gives space to dream bigger, refocus our efforts on what's truly important, and hear God's still, small voice.

All retreat accommodations, meals, and supplies are included in your monthly fees.


Travel costs are not included.


Retreat information


We are busy women, too.

This mastermind was designed for you!


Time is precious, so during our meetings we stick to the schedule. Meet-ups are encouraged outside of sessions to provide more opportunity to explore options and sustain accountability.


Although meetings will require time in an already busy schedule, you will discover ways to create time in your day, more  than making up the time spent in the group. You can find time for what's important.


Because of the relational component of the group, we expect you to commit to a minimum of 6 months in order to allow the process time to work in your life. We believe it will become a continual, and necessary, source of encouragement. 

Cost of membership (includes monthly books, weekly meetings, resource library, and two retreats/year = $250/month


Results = PRICELESS!

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