The coronavirus has created uncertainty and frustration in our lives.   As you learn to identify and develop your child's strengths as well as your own, your family will regain resilience and optimism in spite of the unknowns. You will enable your family to not only survive, but thrive. 
Take time to develop your family's strengths
Identify Your 
Parenting Strengths

You are fully equipped to be a Super Parent. You just may not know how to employ your Super Powers.  When you focus on being your best YOU, the pressure to live up to others' expectations will fade and you can focus on your child's development instead of your inadequacies.

Even at a young age, you can spot abilities in your child that can be developed into strengths as they grow up.  As they discover what they love to do and what they are good at doing, their self-confidence soars.  They will realize how they were uniquely created and how they can impact their world.

Sometimes trying to figure out your child's strengths feels like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. Instead of signing your child up for every extra-curricular activity imaginable, you can learn specific steps to take to narrow down possibilities and gain some clarity and time back in your day.

Explore Your 
Child's Strengths
Develop Their Unique Strengths

Turn frustration into fascination

Trying to mold children into "model citizens" is frustrating. It can make us feel like we're not "good enough" as parents. Instead, become fascinated at who God created them to become.

Instead of focusing on "fixing" them, focus on identifying and developing their strengths!

Guide your child into becoming who they are designed to be

I know what it's like to snap at my child in frustration and feel like I really blew it as a parent, especially when I was under stress. Sometimes it felt like I didn't know my child at all! And I definitely didn't know how to help develop grit and positivity in the midst of trials.   

That sense of helplessness and overwhelm pushed me to become certified as a career and life coach. I can help you identify possible strengths of your children, learn how to help them develop those strengths, and discover how you can use your own strengths to be the best parent you can be.

Make the most of your time at home with your children.
One thing we know for sure...  the world will be a different place when this season is over. What a wonderful opportunity to identify your child's strengths and help them learn to lean on those strengths when things get tough.  

Parenting didn't come with a manual

And it definitely didn't come with instructions on how to thrive through the unknowns we are facing right now.  However, God has equipped you with everything you need to be successful.  You don't need to do things like everyone else. You just need to be your best YOU!


  • Your current parenting style

  • Your parenting strengths

  • New ways to "discipline"

  • Opportunities to become a family team

  • What makes your child's eyes shine

  • How to engage your child in school work


4 Sessions

Day:  Tuesdays

Dates:  April 21 - May 12

Time:  6:30 - 8:00pm CST

Place:  Online via ZOOM

*Access info will be sent via email after registration

Register ($29)


Stop the discipline wars

Stop focusing on what your child is doing wrong and how to "fix" it. Instead, focus on why your child is doing it and how you can encourage them to use their strengths in productive ways.

Become a student

Frustration often results because your child is not doing tasks the way you think they should be done. Learn the strengths of your child and allow them to do tasks in ways that help them develop their unique abilities.

Inspire your child

Every child is different. Help them identify their own strengths, either by strength-spotting when young or assessments as they become teenagers.  Enable them to find their own path.