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Vicki Terrill Coaching

I believe that regardless of what's happened in the past or where you find yourself in the present, God's calling on your life still stands. The future is waiting for you, full of adventure, purpose, and peace. My mission is to help you discover and embrace it.  It's never too late to start.

My services include:



Passion Curriculum Preview

Date: TBD

Time: 6:00pm

location: TBD

Come join the Propel community for six weeks as we discuss Passion.  We will explore topics such as: 


  • How to identify your passion

  • Using your gifts to make an impact

  • Connection between passion and purpose

  • Spiritual disciplines that cultivate growth

  • Supporting the dreams of others

  • Integrating what you believe into every area of life


"Passionate people don't see obstacles - they create opportunities."

Propel Chapters exist around the globe, providing resources and opportunities for growth to ignite every woman's passion, cultivate her purpose, and unleash her potential.

Who is the Propel Woman?

She desires to make an impact in her world for the Kingdom.  

She believes she is to be sent into the harvest field, using her unique passions and talents to influence her world for the Gospel. 

She is a woman who leads - and believes she was made to lead.

She gives all that she has.

Puts it all on the line.

Leaves nothing behind.


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