Vicki Terrill

Certified Career Consultant

Certified Professional Life Coach


Help your child


Give them the gift of career clarity

Are you seeing any of these stress symptoms with your child?

  • Frantically trying to keep their grades up so they can can compete for college acceptance letters?

  • Confused about which college to attend or majors to pursue?

  • Wondering what's wrong with themselves because other students already know where they are headed?


So many decisions to make. So many possibilities to consider.  It can be overwhelming!


Imagine what it'll be like for them to watch them step forward into the future with confidence.

Help your child... 

Develop self-control as they fine-tune their strengths

Discover their personality style and how best to communicate with others

Identify passions and skills they enjoy and how they could play into career choices

Determine classroom and work environments that suit their personality

Define vision for career and personal lives, including family, budgeting, career requirements, leisure time

Hey friend.

From the time they are born, we watch our children with wide-eyed fascination, excited to figure out who they will become. As they grow up, we begin to identify how they were actually designed and the passions that drive their behavior. 

And then they become teenagers and begin to question their own unique abilities and why they are here on planet earth. And we begin to feel so inadequate to help them navigate towards the future, right?


Take a deep breath. As a career coach, I've helped many parents walk with their children through the career exploration process. You will help them recognize what they do well and how they can contribute to the world around them. I will be right there to help.

You have the greatest influence on your child's success

YOU can empower them to know who they are and how they can make an impact in the world today


Students feel pressure in every area of life, especially with regard to the future. Too many options exist. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what they should do.  

In this 6-week workshop, your student will learn how amazingly unique they are, gain self-confidence in their ability to make career choices, and leave with a plan for all areas of life.


Ready Aim Fire:  6-weeks to Career Clarity 

Our mission as parents is to help our children develop their own unique gifts and use them to fulfill their God-given destiny. But we weren't given a manual on how to do it.


In this 4-week workshop, you will gain practical tools on how to identify and develop not only your child's strengths but your parental Super Powers as well.


Super Parent Program

Success Stories

"Our family utilized the tools from Vicki Terrill Coaching and our consultant, Vicki Terrill, to help our children discover their God-given abilities before they head off to college.   This is a small investment especially considering the cost of a semester (or year, or multiple years) of college that might be wasted while your child pursues a degree that he or she might not be suited for.   Thanks to Vicki, our children are taking ownership of their futures armed with the knowledge of their abilities and how they will be most fulfilled."


"As parents, we can see so many of our children's gifts. But sometimes it's hard to find the right words to express the strengths we see. Before she received career coaching, my daughter was impatient to set her own course in college but not entirely sure of the path. Coaching with Vicki helped her gain clarity on her direction and confidence in her own abilities because she saw the results of the Highlands Ability Battery for herself - something in black and white that was objective and scientifically based. One of the great benefits of learning about herself prior to registering for classes was that she was able to clearly express the direction she wanted to take to her college advisor. It narrowed down the course options considerably so she didn't waste time exploring areas where she would not excel."