Student Coaching Options


Life is too short. Don't let your children wander around trying to "find themselves."


Get them ready to face the future head on!

Are you seeing any of these stress symptoms with your child?

  • Frantically trying to keep their grades up so they can can compete for college acceptance letters?

  • Confused about which college to attend or majors to pursue?

  • Wondering what's wrong with themselves because other students already know where they are headed?


So many decisions to make. So many possibilities to consider.  It can be overwhelming!


Imagine what it'll be like for them to watch them step forward into the future with confidence.

Help your child... 

Develop self-control as they fine-tune their strengths

Discover their personality style and how best to communicate with others

Identify passions and skills they enjoy and how they could play into career choices

Determine classroom and work environments that suit their personality

Define vision for career and personal lives, including family, budgeting, career requirements, leisure time

Let's explore which coaching style fits your child best

You can help your child confidently step into life

Parents want to see their children live fulfilling, purposeful lives but have no clue how to help.

I created the Ready Aim Fire course to help your student discover how their unique abilities, personality, interests, and reasoning skills combine together to form their strengths. By taking this course, they will gain confidence to make good choices regarding college majors, careers and other major life decisions. 


This course will lay the foundations they will need to face the future with optimism and resilience.

Ready Aim Fire Curriculum

In 6 sessions, your child will learn:

  • the strengths and struggles of their personality type

  • how they best tackle studying, teaching styles, testing

  • communication techniques to enhance relationships with family, friends, and teachers

  • ways to use their natural abilities to tackle school and job assignments

  • tools to improve their learning ability based on their personality and reasoning abilities

  • their core values and how to respect the values of others

  • workplace trends and how to pivot their abilities to fit current job openings

  • the income needed to live their ideal life

  • guidelines concerning job shadowing, job internships, and informational interviews 

They will leave with a Target Plan which includes career, educational, personal, and spiritual goals as well as tools to offset possible mindset obstacles.

of students change their majors an average of 3 times

before graduation



of college grads have a plan/career goals for after graduation


of students pursue a career unrelated to their major


is the average number of years it takes a college student to graduate

Does my child really need career coaching?

Success Stories

"Our family utilized the tools from Vicki Terrill Coaching and our consultant, Vicki Terrill, to help our children discover their God-given abilities before they head off to college.   This is a small investment especially considering the cost of a semester (or year, or multiple years) of college that might be wasted while your child pursues a degree that he or she might not be suited for.   Thanks to Vicki, our children are taking ownership of their futures armed with the knowledge of their abilities and how they will be most fulfilled."


"As parents, we can see so many of our children's gifts. But sometimes it's hard to find the right words to express the strengths we see. Before she received career coaching, my daughter was impatient to set her own course in college but not entirely sure of the path. Coaching with Vicki helped her gain clarity on her direction and confidence in her own abilities because she saw the results of the Highlands Ability Battery for herself - something in black and white that was objective and scientifically based. One of the great benefits of learning about herself prior to registering for classes was that she was able to clearly express the direction she wanted to take to her college advisor. It narrowed down the course options considerably so she didn't waste time exploring areas where she would not excel."


This course is:


Fun to do in a group

Packed with practical tools and tips

Conducted online via ZOOM from the comfort of your own home

Backed by my 30-day, money-back guarantee

Private classes available

Does your child have friends that would like to explore their strengths?  Contact me to set up a private class and share the cost savings with other families.

Vicki Terrill

Certified Career Consultant

Certified Professional Life Coach