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Live a life full of what really matters

You don't have to coast through another year

In no time at all, 2020 will be over.

What will you have to show for it?

You can't afford to continue sitting on the sidelines.

Take the Virtual Vision Board Challenge so you can:

  • Refocus on what's really important

  • Get to the heart of what didn't work last year

  • Eliminate stress from being over-committed

  • Renew your relationships

  • Live in alignment with your values

  • Deliberately slow down

  • Be fully present in the moment

Your everyday life - reimagined

Most adults hit the ground running in the morning and don't stop until they crawl into bed at night totally exhausted. And the dialogue with yourself begins to play in your head about what you didn't get done during the day. Or the conversations that you wish had been different. Or the missed opportunities to encourage others. That's when the frustration, guilt, overwhelm and worry speak the loudest into your soul.

Everyday life is full of activity - fixing breakfast, getting kids ready for school, making it to work or other appointments on time, completing your daily tasks at work and home with excellence, exercising, chauffeuring kids to extracurricular activities, keeping up with friends - and the list goes on.  And you close out your day with the feeling deep down that you weren't your best self in any area.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Completing the Virtual Vision Board Challenge will help you focus on what's really important.

  • Set guidelines about when to say "yes" and when to say "no"

  • Stop letting your schedule control your life

  • Take time to be fully present with the people closest to you

  • Enjoy time with God instead of trying to grab a few minutes

  • Create margin in your life to simply breathe


Register for the Virtual Vision Board Challenge today! 

Virtual Vision Board Facebook Challenge

Dates:  January 6 - January 10, 2020

Time:  11:00 - 11:30am CST daily

Where: Private FB group

The Virtual Vision Board Challenge

In 5 days, you will:

  • Review 2019 to determine what you'd like to do differently

  • Evaluate what you want your priorities to be for 2020

  • Envision what the results would look like if you were to live up to those priorities

  • Decide on your Word of the Year

  • Gather images, quotes, and affirmations to include on your vision board

  • Learn how to design your vision board using the online site Canva

  • Post your vision board on the last day of the challenge

You'll be encouraged to spend time with God during the process so that your vision for 2020 will be in alignment with His plans for who you are to become in 2020.

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