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Vicki Terrill Coaching

I believe that regardless of what's happened in the past or where you find yourself in the present, God's calling on your life still stands. The future is waiting for you, full of adventure, purpose, and peace. My mission is to help you discover and embrace it.  It's never too late to start.

My services include:


You're only as good as your team

Move your team from ordinary to extraordinary

Help your team:

  • Know how the team's purpose and their purpose combine

  • Connect in a deep, meaningful way to the organization

  • Caste a vision for the that is inspiring and fulfilling

Discover Your


Increase team engagement by:

  • Identifying each individual's unique strengths

  • Allow them to contribute in ways they find fulfilling

  • Stop trying to "fix" them and focus instead on development



Become a better manager by:

  • Identifying and appreciating traits of team members

  • Understanding how individuals react under pressure

  • Developing strategies for better communication

Transform Your Team with DISC