A monthly online group for women who long for

connection, direction, and inspiration.

Meetings begin May 7

Stop relying on auto-pilot and take control of where you are headed in life.  It's time to seize opportunities.

We can do this together!


Join before  May 7 and lock in your $20/month rate!

You Go, Girl!

Where are you?

Identify what's impacting you right now.

  • Improve what's important.

  • Delete what's unnecessary.

  • Delegate what's draining.

  •  Address current fears and concerns

Who are you?

Identify what makes you unique.

  • Develop your natural abilities into strengths

  • Discover your personality traits

  • Explore your interests

  • Name what you need to be fulfilled

Where are you going?

Identify your life purpose & calling

  • Explore your passions/dreams

  • Examine how you can make an impact

  • Set goals to get there

  • Identify your priorities/values

What's your block?

Identify what's been keeping you from moving forward.

  • Define the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck

  • Overcome blocks with strategy and belief

  • Move forward with hope and courage

And more...

Hey friend.

Life can be crazy, especially right now. Some of us are unexpectedly working from home.  Many are homeschooling for the first time. Nerves are a little frayed, the house is probably not clean, and we are all wondering what's going to happen next.

In spite of the chaos and uncertainty, you can live a life at peace in your surroundings. This is the perfect time to stop and reflect on what's truly important to you, and make a course correction if need be. 

As a certified life and career coach, I will be walking beside you to help you navigate uncertain waters with courage and optimism. How do I know that what I will be sharing will help you? Because I've lived it.

God's plans for our lives still hold fast. We need to link arms and hold fast to Him.

Your monthly You Go, Girl! membership includes:

  • A weekly live coaching call with Vicki and other members to learn tips and tricks that will propel you forward in life. It is designed to allow you to connect with other women to encourage each other and share wins.

  • Receive inspirational tips and encouragement weekly via email

  • Enjoy a private FB group where you can communicate with others in the group

  • Receive discounted rates to workshops, retreats, and private one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • Occasional interviews with other successful women around the current topic.

  • Monthly drawings for books/t-shirts/misc.