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Still believe you can be anything you want to be when you grow up?

I hate to burst your bubble, but that's a myth! 

Many people choose careers based on income potential, job openings, and the appearance of success. However, many reach mid-life to realize they are tired, unfulfilled, and burned out. Instead of trying to fit into a career, let me help you find a career that fits you.

From the moment we enter the workforce, we expect to use our abilities to our highest potential, enjoy our work environment,  earn a good income, and make an impact on the world. 

But what happens when one day you realize you have been living up to someone else's expectations? This really wasn't your dream.

I know what it feels like to be without a clear direction.


You don't have to stay here. It's time to discover who you really are and what you were made to do. You haven't missed out. You are still part of a bigger plan. You were created with a purpose. I can help you figure it out.

How is CareerGPS different than other programs?

I don't just help you find a job. 
I equip you to choose a career that inspires you to achieve your big dreams, utilizes your abilities and past experiences, and makes an income.
  • God created you on purpose for a purpose. When you live your life for something bigger than yourself, you can't wait for Monday morning.


  • You can obtain a career with a company that has your same ideals, or you can become your own boss as an entrepreneur.


  • Together, we can get you prepared for the future by creating a killer resume, knowing how to represent yourself best during an interview, and having the courage to reach for your dreams.

Steps in the CareerGPS Experience

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"Ten years ago, God gave me a dream that I was convinced was too big to come true.  I felt inadequate for something so big, so I never even voiced it.  When I began my coaching journey, I was excited to see where it would lead but still doubted whether I had what it took mentally, physically, financially and emotionally.  But I can away from my coaching sessions with a clearer picture of how God designed me and how my dream could become a real.  I began to take steps to bring my dream to life, and I LOVE what I'm doing!"

Krystal H, mom and pilot

You're just 3 steps away from feeling confident about your career direction!


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"Working with Vicki Terrill as my coach has been nothing short of life altering. When I came to her, I was stuck in so many limiting beliefs that I was almost paralyzed. Through coaching, I have found freedom and the abiding peace to confidently step out into the abundant and purpose-filled life I was created to live."

Andie P, mom and retail manager

Young Teacher

Steps to Career Clarity and Confidence

In our coaching sessions, you'll discover your...

  • Reasoning style

  • Personality traits

  • Strengths and motivators 

  • Values and priorities

  • Energizing work environments

  • Interests and passions

  • Preferred responsibility and income levels

  • Your purpose/calling in life

  • How to conduct a job search using these guidelines

  • Interviewing skills

  • and more!

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Are you satisfied with your current job?

Has your career become a "job"?  Find out whether it's just temporary or whether a new career might be a great option.

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