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Define your purpose,
Improve your leadership skills, and
Develop a team that's united and inspired!



With workshops, one-on-one coaching, and retreat options available, you can personalize an action plan that addresses the needs of both you and your organization.​

  • Define a vision that engages both the hearts and minds of employees and customers

  • Assess alignment of personal and professional values of leadership and employees with the vision

  • Inspire your organization to persevere through uncertainty and change with a clear direction

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  • Develop interviewing practices that dramatically improve your chances of hiring the right candidates

  • Assess your current employees for "best fit" positions to increase retention and engagement

  • Learn management techniques that enable employees to work at their maximum potential

  • Build a team that fully supports your vision and each other while getting more done with less drama

  • Identify and take action on obstacles that are causing you to lose momentum or sense of direction

  • Determine your leadership and communication styles so you can increase your effectiveness

Schedule a strategy call. 
Let's map out a plan to take your leadership team and employee effectiveness from good to great.

Hey there!


A trainer, career and leadership coach, visioneer and eternal optimist dedicated to helping you create a career and business environment that is profitable, purposeful, and personalized to your unique gifts and calling.


Through workshops, individual coaching, and retreats, I have been helping people and organizations dream big and live out their calling with purpose and passion since 2016.

As a daughter of successful entrepreneurial parents, I grew up understanding the importance of client satisfaction and engaged employees, but I didn't fully understand the pressures faced by business owners and their families until I married the owner of a manufacturing company.


Today, I use my knowledge of personalities, strengths, team development, and leadership skills to equip owners and managers with the tools they need to not just endure the uncertainty of business, but thrive in it.




Become the leader you were created to be - the one who faces the future fearlessly because you know WHO and HOW you are called to lead.

Your team needs you to use your strengths  to bring unity, excitement, and excellence to your workplace.  They need hope for the future.
They need YOU.


It's time to step up and answer the call!



Beginning to wonder if you have what it takes to lead right now? You don't have to stay feeling overwhelmed and exhausted as you fight through the constant barrage of tasks, activities, interruptions and urgent requests. It's time to  recalibrate your priorities for life and business and put them into action. 

Whether you are...

  • An aspiring young leader with influence who wants to move up​​

  • A leader who wants to be more effective, healthy and purposeful

  • A leader who feels burned out and wonders if a new direction is calling

Coaching can help you figure out what would takes years to figure out on your own.

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Call me to set up a consultation
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Develop your strengths and focus
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Become who you were created to be
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Confident that you're headed in the right career direction yet dreading to go to work on Monday?


Are you struggling to...

  • hire or retain great employees

  • make decisions about future opportunities

  • deal with constant employee drama

  • remain confident with no team support

By engaging the hearts and minds of your management team and employees, you won't be fighting battles by yourself. You'll be surrounding yourself with others who are fully behind you and your vision and are equipped to achieve excellence.

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As my coach, Vicki helped me find clarity in my business. She saw that there were spaces that I needed to work on in advance of moving on in another area. Her questions are extremely deep and sometimes brought tears to my eyes. Vicki sees me for who I can be and not for who I am. I am grateful for her as my coach.

Theresa Prim, 


Organizations redefining success with Vicki Terrill Coaching

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Lamar Elementary School

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Texas Business Women of San Angelo

Angelo State University

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Child Development Center

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Schedule a strategy call. 

Let's partner together to take you and your leadership team from good to great.
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