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The FORGE for Leaders

The transformation of your workplace culture begins now - with you!
Eliminate "average"

You don't have to settle for average when it comes to employee engagement and team collaboration. You've faced the turbulence of the last few years with determination...and survived. We're here to help you figure out how to thrive in the new world of work.

Imagine leading your dream team to achieve extraordinary results.



Vicki Terrill, ACC, CPLC, CCSP

Transform your culture. One conversation at a time.

When you joined your organization, you had an image in your mind of what it would be like to lead and inspire your direct reports, peers, and other stakeholders to achieve great success.


But no one expected the "perfect storm" of challenges that confronted us in the past few years. 


We want you to know there's never been a better opportunity to achieve greatness as a leader because great challenges create great leaders.

We can help you face the future with practical tools and action to create a culture of exceptional communication, collaboration, and productivity.


Determine who you want to become as a leader, what's most important, how to overcome doubts, and have the courage to do what's right.


Learn how to connect with your employees, develop and motivate them, and gain a peer community to help you achieve your goals.


Create a culture that collaborates across departments and tasks, with a positive environment that accelerates results.

Find the solution that's right for you and your organization.

FORGE Foundation Leadership Training

For leaders at any level

This one-day training is designed to give you clarity on how to lead in today's challenging environment.

Experienced leaders:

  • New skills and understanding on how to address the demands for a new inclusive culture.

Emerging leaders:

  • Gain critical insight into how to gain influence with peers and bosses, helping you contribute to creating a culture that empowers you.



FORGE Leadership Mastermind

For leaders who have completed the Foundation training and want to go deeper

This 6-month mastermind is designed to 


FORGE Organizational Workshops/Retreats

A Forge for Leaders Workshop or Retreat custom designed for your organization
  • Start influencing your organization now. This video explains our philosophy and overview of the EXCEL training. Check it out to determine if this training would be a good fit for you.

Our team began working with Vicki about a year ago, and it has evolved from a one-day workshop with our staff to one-on-one coaching to a retreat with our staff in which we have worked on the vision of where we want to be.  Vicki is helping our business leadership to push beyond our comfort levels and dream the big dreams that we have only had in our hearts and can now visualize as truly being attainable.  I have seen myself growing and being molded into a stronger leader through the individual coaching, monthly workshops that she has conducted for our office team, and the professional literature that she has challenged me to read.  Our business would highly recommend her services if you are ready to take your team members and your business to that next level in what you want to achieve.

Meagan Hunnicut, Shelburne Financial Services

You are in good hands...
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