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An 8-week experience leading to
peace and purpose

Are you ready to push RESET?

Covid, the challenges of our current economy, and constant pivots have left us all exhausted and wondering, "Is this all there is?"

Join me for an intimate small group experience if you long to...


  • Stop the constant rushing and instead have time to breathe

  • Decide for yourself when to say "no" and when to say "heck yes!"

  • 10X your relationship with your spouse, significant other, children, etc.

  • Get back to the basics of who you are and what makes your heart sing

  • Be able to face the unexpected in life or work with peace instead of anxiety

God intended for you to live with joy and peace!

Are you struggling to find peace?

Hey sweet friend.

From the time we  are little girls, we imagine what life will be like.  Getting an education, having a great career, marrying a soul-mate, having wonderful kids - our own version of "It's a Wonderful Life."

Little do we know at that age what adulthood is really like.  How wearing all of the different hats is exhausting - being a desirable wife, an available parent, an extraordinary professional, a caring friend, a servant volunteer.  

And if we're honest, deep down we might even wonder who we really are because we seem to have lost sight of that girl and the peaceful life she once knew.

God never intended for us to live at this pace, and you have the chance to find a new way to live life. One that has time to sit on your porch with some sweet tea and visit with your family. One that looks forward to going to work because you have a full tank and know how to handle the unexpected.

God sees you. And He's provided a way for you to experience peace and contentment in every circumstance.

He's also equipped you with everything you need to be successful in all areas of your life.


This experience will absolutely change your life.

You can live with peace and purpose!

Step 1

Sign up.

Your life can change at the click of a mouse and you'll never be the same.

Step 2

Experience community with 7 other women in an online video class via ZOOM from the comfort of your home.

Step 3

Identify your limiting beliefs, discover your unique strengths, and live each day expecting to see God at work.

Step 4

Face the future fearlessly, becoming who you were created to be and doing what you were created to do.

Peace is within reach.

There was a time in my life when my soul felt like the Sahara Desert. I was searching so hard for refreshing from the Lord, and I simply couldn't find it. Until I learned the secret of Promised Land Living.

We all long for one thing: hope - to know without a doubt that...

  • God not only sees and hears us, but He's walking right beside us in our present circumstances.

  • God is constantly working all things together for our good.

  • God will use our natural abilities and past experiences to do something BIG.

When you begin to let Him do what only He can do, you can stop striving and start thriving!

Promised Land Living Program

Topics include:
  • Understanding who you are at your core

  • Eliminating unachievable expectations

  • Overcoming your own limiting beliefs

  • Realizing how your experiences have impacted your todays

  • Identifying your own Promised Land

How it's different than other programs:
  • Proven track record

  • Both group and one-on-one coaching

  • Individualized specifically for you

  • Biblically-based, no New Age philosophies

  • A safe place to be the authentic you

  • Real world applications

Sign up

7 virtual sessions via ZOOM

2 individual coaching sessions via phone

Retreat July 29-30 to Focus Forward!

Experience Promised Land Living from the comfort of your own home.

Monday nights

June 6 - July 25

6:30 - 8:30

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